Oviparous Animal Research Project

We have been learning about animals the past couple of weeks. We have moved our focus to a group known as oviparous animals: animals that lay eggs. The kindergartners were each assigned an egg that contained a picture of a specific oviparous animal that they would research. The collected information on the animal at home, then created a poster in class.

Egg Show-and-Tell

The students were given a plastic egg with the assignment to find something from their house that would fit inside. But they couldn’t tell us what the item was! Instead we worked on writing three clues in class about their objects. The kindergartners read their clues to their classmates and allowed for any guesses on what their object could be. Then they shared what was inside their egg!

Pet Day!

To conclude our unit on “animals and their needs” we hosted a pet day! The kindergartners were able to show their pets and talk about their shelter, what they eat, and what they do at home. Some students brought pictures of their pet to show their classmates as well.

St. Patrick’s Day


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